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This section of the RNGR website is dedicated to the production and understanding of tropical plants for reforestation and conservation. Here, you can find publications, links, and other resources specific to tropical nurseries and forests. The world’s tropical forests are incredibly diverse and provide a multitude of critical resources including: habitat for millions of plant and animal species, erosion control, protection of water resources, climate change mitigation, products which support local economies, and cultural materials for indigenous populations.

Tropical Manual Cover

Now available! The Tropical Nursery Manual – A Guide to Starting and Operating a Nursery for Native and Traditional Plants (USDA Agriculture Handbook 732). This comprehensive manual serves people who are starting or operating a nursery for native and traditional species in the tropics. Key concepts, principles, and processes are presented, based on proven practices and the best science available. Topics covered include nursery planning, plant propagation, crop production, plant care, outplanting, and ongoing learning. All chapters are available for free download. Click on the cover to see the list of chapters.


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