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Chapter 19 - Vegetation Management after Plantation Establishment

Removing weeds accelerates stand development, yielding more volume in less time. Increases in diameter growth, generally more responsive than height growth to weed control, may shift product classes to favor the more valuable sawtimber and veneer materials. Although nonchemical vegetation management (cultivation, mowing, grazing, and prescribed fire) can be effective, silvicultural herbicide technology is emphasized. Herbicide characteristics, application equipment, worker safety, and prescription of appropriate treatments are discussed relative to current technology for herbaceous plant control, pine release, and timber stand improvement. Understanding the biology of interfering vegetation, stand development, and limitations of weed-control practices should help managers implement effective vegetation managers implement effective vegetation management.

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Author(s): Patrick J. Minogue, Rick L. Cantrell, Henry C. Griswold

Publication: Forest Regeneration Manual

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